Key Elements of P-TECH


Empowering our Students

NYC Grades 9–14 Schools empower students to begin college coursework and prepare for STEM careers through a six-year program that seamlessly integrates rigorous academics, college coursework, and career exploration.



Roadmap to Success

Every NYC Grades 9–14 school has its own industry and college partners, and offer different career themes as well as Associate degrees. While no two schools are the same, there are core elements that are shared across all of our NYC P-TECH schools.



Access to Opportunity

Our schools follow the Educational Option admissions method. Educational Option (Ed. Opt.) programs are designed to serve students at a range of academic levels. Some schools choose to rank applicants based on their academic record or other criteria. To learn more about each of our schools' admissions process, you can visit their websites or learn more about them through MySchools